1. I have downloaded your windows binary 12/11/2015) for rtl_433 but it doesn’t include the latest devices including the one I want i.e. the Watchman Oil tank gauge, have you done a later build or is there one available somewhere??

  2. Oleg

    The solution to this problem. Command prompt. For example:
    rtl_433.exe -p 50 -f 433913000 -g 0 -l 400 -R 19 1>wu.txt
    the Last command (1>wu.txt) save the text file wu.txt This file can be converted to .csv using Excel.

  3. Very nice to see that this is a recent build (Jan 03 2016). Based on the post date, I hought it was from the summer time.

    didn’t notice that until I saw the updated usage message with recent devices.

    The current daily build zip file is truncated to 32K. The Jan 03 2016 build is 125k and runs well.


  4. I’m having trouble using this on Windows.
    I can’t get it to decode any of the test data files in the rtl_433_tests repo and produce any json output.
    Any tips, a known working command line invocation that works for those data files?
    So far, although I can get -a to print output, I’ve failed to get it to decode any output successfully.
    I’ve tried 32 and 64, both the original and the daily, all with no success.

    • cognito.me.uk

      Hi, thanks for the report. It seems file input was not working correctly due to a unix/windows compatibility issue in the source. Luckily not hard to fix and if you download the daily again you should find it now works.

  5. none

    Thanks for this, I managed to record the transmission of an intertechno itls-16 remote control using

    rtl_433.exe -g 35 -l 0 -A > log.txt 2>&1

    with Terratec NOXON DAB/DAB+ USB dongle (rev 1) based on Fitipower FC0013 tuner.
    They are detected as “Proove”. ON/OFF state matches, unit represents the 4 rows of buttons (3 at top, 0 at bottom), and channel makes sense but also seems reversed (“3” for “1”).

  6. Simon EigeldingerSimon


    Seems the daily builds seem not to build since 17 August 2016.
    Can you have a look at that?
    On linux the things are building fine.


  7. Frank

    Hi, I have a USB Module that shows up as RTL2832U in the USB device list. When I run the program it states “No supported devices found.”. Is this not supported or am i doing something wrong? It does show/play signals in SDRSharp. In any case, thanks for your work!

    • IIRC, you need to exit SDRsharp to get it to release the device. In other words, even though SDRsharp isn’t playing, it is still holding on to the device.

      Note: It’s been a long time since I tried rtl_433 on windows. Probably at least a year. At that time the Zadig winusb driver for SDRsharp use worked with rtl_433 without a problem. I think they were both using WinUSB. However it is possible one of them is now using a different driver.

  8. Steve

    I’m trying to use this with an Acurite 5n1, with this command line:
    rtl_433.exe -f 433.925e6 -R 09 output.txt

    It generates plenty of output – over 1 MB per second, but it’s all giberish.

    Also tried various flavors of -F and -C, but no difference.
    I am expecting decoded, ASCII output.

    Running with -a shows the correct bytes in the command window.

    What am I missing ?

    • cognito.me.uk

      You’re getting the binary datastream. If you want the text output use shell redirection e.g. ‘rtl_433.exe > output.txt’

      • Steve

        Tried rtl_433.exe -f 433.925e6 -R 09 > output.txt . Nothing ever written to output.txt . Something in the code is not decoding the Acurite 5n1. I had a slightly modified version of rtl_433 running on my RaspberryPi, and it was working correctly.

  9. Yves

    It works, thanks to find executable for Windows.
    It don’t decode my Lexibook ASM30 Thermometer/Hygrometer (in am in France) but it decodes fine the LaCrosse TX sensor of a neighbour (i don’t know where it is but it has 8.4 degrees C , on his balcony i hope for him)
    with an RTL2832 and wire on my balcony.
    Chhers and thanks
    Yves from France

  10. Yves

    I tried to redirect output to file by rtl_433 -A > output.txt nothing in the output.txt file
    Is there a manier to redirect console to file ?


  11. Yves

    I tried this morning, my Lexibook ASM30 Thermometer/Hygrometer is recognised as a TFA-Twin-Plus-30.3049 but his frequency is 433.750 MHz.
    Thanks for the Windows compilation.

    Cheers from France

  12. Yves

    OK, it works for output redirection, i have to add 2>&1 , it seems to write also on error peripheral not only on console.

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